SpeakerSite is Hiring: Inside Sales

Job Description:

Inside Sales Representative for Internet Public Speaking Startup


(circulated July 18, 2011)


SpeakerSite launched in November 2008 and quickly became the world's largest social network of public speakers. A completely new 2.0 version was built from scratch -- and launched in July 2011 -- to serve as the world's largest marketplace of public speakers.

See more about SpeakerSite in "Company Description" below.

Location: Greater Los Angeles or Columbus, Ohio.

Compensation: Commission (1099 subcontractor)

Responsible to SpeakerSite co-founder Rob Emrich and assigned staff.

Responsible for connecting with public speakers, describing how they may most benefit from premium benefits on SpeakerSite, converting free customers to paid customers.

Duties include:

  • understanding SpeakerSite offerings and target markets
  • implementing a lead contact and cultivation process (using the company's CRM platform)
  • initiating leads
  • initial telephone conversation presentation
  • qualification of opportunity and financial viability of each call
  • providing follow-up contact
  • working collaboratively with co-founders
  • reporting in real time (via CRM program) and regularly (via teleconference with co-founders)

Skills & Experience

Minimum qualifications:

  • 2 years telephone selling experience (more, a plus)
  • Has testimonial(s) from former employer(s) attesting to integrity and effectiveness
  • Is able to work independently, as a 1099 subcontractor (without violating other employment agreements)
  • Lives in either Los Angeles or Columbus (Ohio)
  • Excellent English, Bachelor’s degree (higher is a plus)


  • Has sold a service to individuals via telephone
  • Has emotionally intelligent customer service skills
  • Has experience working with online resources (CRM, social networking)
  • Has worked independently, from home, with effectiveness and focus — responds to all incoming correspondence or telephone calls within 2 hours (during business day)
  • Understands online user experience
  • Is familiar with public speaking (does not personally need to be a public speaker)
  • Excellent organization, telephone sales, and writing (email with professionally formal punctuation, grammar and spelling) skills
  • Ability to make independent decisions involving discretion and judgment



  • Understands multi-cultural perspectives
  • Conversant in concepts, strategies and tactics of self-employed people
  • Has worked with public speakers, educators, performers, entertainers
  • International experience

About SpeakerSite

SpeakerSite is deeply mission driven: we seek to help people develop their messages and find and reach their audiences. We are ethical and socially responsible. See more on SpeakerSite.

Speakersite 1.0:

  • is the world's largest social network of public speakers with more than 5,000 members
  • has been known as "SpeakerSite" since its launch in November 2008.
  • is a website where "Members" have "Profiles" and they share best practices and make friends.
  • is found at community.speakersite.com or on the "Connect" link at the bottom of every page at speakersite.com.


SpeakerSite 2.0:

  • is the world's largest marketplace of public speakers, build on a proprietary technology platform.
  • is a a new website, built from scratch based on the requests and (some of the) suggestions of the members of SpeakerSite 1.0.
  • a website where "Speakers" have "Listings" so they can be easily browsed and contacted by meeting planners.
  • is found at speakersite.com.

Co-founders Rob Emrich and Artie Isaac have built a collaboration with technology resources to maintain and further advance SpeakerSite.


How To Apply

Please send your resume and brief cover note to co-founder Rob Emrich at rob@SpeakerSite.com, describing why you should be considered for the position. Please be prepared to provide employer references.