More Funny Things About India

I have gotten the most comments and calls about this section. It seems people love it, so I’m going to share a few more stories. Indian Pool:

Just like Indian roads, there are no rules. I went swimming in an upscale Olympic-sized pool at a fitness club in Delhi. It was a nice pool, and though there were a lot of people swimming, the crowd would’ve been reasonable with the assistance of a few lanes. This pool, however, had no lanes. There were lines on the bottom of the pool. That was it. It was a regular Indian free-for-all. Some people swam lengthwise, while others swam widthwise, and others just in circles. Some people seemed to avoid all direction in general and concentrated simply on colliding with other swimmers. Lanes and rules would have solved this issue.

Family on a Bike:

As in Thailand, it will never cease to amaze me when I see an entire family of four on a scooter together. It just doesn’t get old.


Incidentally, four of these hotspots are TGI Friday’s franchises. According to TGIF India, ribs are around $30! That is nuts. You may also be interested to know that even if you’re in Delhi, you don’t have go without helpings of fried macaroni and cheese or loaded potato skins. And word-to-the-wise: After ordering ribs or chicken soaked in Jack Daniels, it isn’t advisable to hop on your bicycle-made-for-four.

I’ve heard from colleagues who have hired recent Indian tech grads claiming zero real world experience using an actual computer. Courses are taught largely from textbooks with almost no supplementary practical application.

I am authoring this post from one of the places I have found that does offer WiFi. In order to use it, I had to show my passport; they copied down the number and other relevant information—including my father’s name. Indian national or foreigner: it’s standard operating procedure here.


Monkeys are unbelievably mean. I had heard the story of the deputy mayor of Delhi falling to his death from his balcony after being chased off by a monkey. Until this moment, I didn’t understand how that could ever happen. The raging monkeys are a specific species of smaller brown monkeys. In Dharamsala, I saw a giant Snow Monkey jump out of a tree and fight with a dog for a few minutes. I have heard but not seen that those monkeys are exceptionally cool and never mess with humans. I have also heard that the Snow Monkeys will lay beat downs on the smaller brown monkeys if they get out of line. This made me happy after being outgunned by one of the small monkeys on my own turf.