Incheon Airport, Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, Airport en route to Bangkok

I am unbelievable drowsy form a combination of 4 Copenhagen Coladas, Delta's new signature drink, no sleep, and poisonous airplane Korean Bulgogi Beef. Its pictured in the paper tray on the side show. What eventually quelled my stomach and brought calm to a head storm was a bowl of Spicy Korean Beef Soup and Kim Chee. It was a restaurant in the airport but the place was packed, while an identical type of restaurant was empty. It really hit the spot. That meal is pictured too.

Another very interested observation: in the restroom every room has the name, picture and the TELEPHONE number of the person who is responsible for cleaning it. I have no idea how that would go over in the US, but I think it makes a lot of sense. From the short time I was in the restroom I could tell the workers had a high degree of pride in their work, despite what it was, The results spoke for themselves , as these were some of the cleanest toilets I have ever seen that personal responsibility made all the difference.

I board my plane to bangkok in 2 hours and I am very excited.

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