Cracked the Code for Remote Workers?

My newest venture PaeDae brought on a graphic designer to work on some elements of our new game this week. I'm a product obsessed CEO, so I need to work very closely with our designer to craft our user interface. We also use a highly iterative process that requires extremely fast feedback, similar to the classic “throwing a paper ball at your coworker to get her attention” action we all have seen in our favorite sitcoms. Our designer is local and he spent his first Monday in the office. Because he lives in Hollywood, and our office is in Santa Monica, it was about a 60 minute commute each way during traffic time. On Tuesday, we used Skype to communicate instead and he was able to share his desktop with us on our big screen from the comforts of his own home. The result was amazing! It was honestly probably better than him actually being in our office. Our lead engineer could look over my shoulder and see what he was working on to give him feedback as he needed it, as well as cut off ideas we didn't like immediately, eliminating any wasted time on his part. We are incredibly lucky that our office has fiber optic cables so our connections is incredibly clear.

Way to go Skype! We love your product and, for the first time, I think remote working is actually producing similar if not comparable results for PaeDae. I definitely plan on using Skype more in the future.