Boulder, CO

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m back in the US after a month-long interlude in good old Ohio. I’m spending my summer in Boulder. I traveled here after reading Richard Florida’s new book: Who's Your City?: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life

It was a great (and fast) read, and I strongly recommend it for anyone considering (or being forced into) moving soon. Boulder and Denver both made the list: Boulder for the 20-29 year-old age group and Denver for 30-44 year-olds. Being on the cusp, I opted for the greater metro area and I am living in North Boulder now. In some ways, it’s almost too perfect for my lifestyle. There are so many running trails out here in the mountains and on the prairie. I could run out here every day for a year and cover new ground each time. There is a strong tech community and so many interesting people live here. I stayed with Sara Stonehill, a friend from elementary school, and her fiancé for a week, while I was looking for a place. They were both very generous and hospitable.

One thing I absolutely love is exploring this beautiful state. I just did a drive-thru of Rocky Mountain National Park on my way to Hot Sulphur Springs for a nice two-hour soak. I ran the nascent headwaters of the Colorado River, where the water is just a small stream. On the way back, I ran into a herd of huge elk and I was so impressed by the giant creatures. I was also a little shocked to be standing only ten feet away. As were they, I’m sure, because I sneaked up on them so quickly with my super fast trail-running skills. I run with my iPhone, so I managed to take a few pics, albeit obscured by some moisture over the lens.

I was impressed, that is, until I went running again today in the city proper and saw a giant elk on someone’s front lawn. WHAT?! I was ready for something like that in the backcountry of a National Park, but not on a Boulder front lawn. I’m still unsure as to whether that was a typical or unique occurrence.

It’s great being back in the US with all of my usual tools for ‘getting things done,’ and I have actually really enjoyed getting caught up on a long list of things I’ve been meaning to do. So I hope all of you are ready for the barrage of emails, phone calls, and follow-through of pre-India Rob. If not, too bad.