A Note on my 30th Birthday

A Note as I turn 30 Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.  I am flattered by your messages by email, facebook, post, text, phone, and everywhere.  Although I usually like to do something extravagant for my birthdays, this just didn’t seem like the right year.  Truth be told, I am not very excited to be 30, and I have to imagine that birthdays just get worse from here on out.  So in an effort to make birthdays better, I would like to pick up a tradition that learned from my Grandfathers.  On my birthday I will give presents to others.  I think it’s a much more fulfilling gift anyway.

This has been a fantastic year for me, despite the rough economy.  So, for my 30th birthday I have decided to start the Rob Emrich Philanthropic Fund, a donor advised fund, at the Columbus Jewish Foundation.  For those who don’t know, a donor advised fund is sort of like a philanthropic checking account.  I will use it to continue giving to my favorite cause, Road of Life, and a few others.  I think philanthropy is even more critical in tough times like these.  Anyone who has the capacity should consider starting a fund at any local community foundation, to consolidate and streamline your philanthropy. If you live in the US, you can  find yours here http://www.cof.org/Locator/

What do you want for your birthday? For everyone asking me what would like for my birthday, please consider making a donation to Road of Life.  You can donate online here:  https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=20213.  A $150 donation will sponsor an entire classroom of children, but donations of any denomination are appreciated.

So What are You Doing These Days? I’ll also take this opportunity to give a brief update on the projects I am involved with.

Road of Life: Our new site is up, and over 200,000 children have now used our program.  At $300 per child, that program has generated a $60 million social return on investment.  I couldn’t be more excited and proud of our impact. www.roadoflife.org

Consulting: My consulting practice has exploded this year and I am working with some wonderful clients.  The practice has morphed from nonprofit work into corporate digital communications.  Based on the spectacular response, I have increased our staffing and plan to expand the business. www.bamensch.com

SpeakerSite: This is such a fun business.  I started it with my good friend Artie Isaac (link) and in just over 5 months we have created the largest social network of public speakers in the world.  I have learned so much about the world of public speaking.  If you speak or need a speaker, check it out. www.speakersite.com

Book Writing: Unfortunately this has taken a back seat to other projects right now.  I have made some real progress in my thinking and writing, and would like to pick this project up later this year. www.robemrich.com

E-commerce: After founding Road of Life, I have always liked the enterprise of building a company, or nonprofit in that case.  After sharing an office at TechColumbus, a tech business incubator (link) last year, I really caught the bug.  I have built a few different sites which are going very well and continue to grow.  email me if you want more info

What are you doing for your birthday? If you are in Columbus there is a small gathering at Mac’s tonight at 8PM in the Short North 693 N High St.

Again thanks again to everyone who has contacted me, it means so much. Please keep in touch.

Rob Emrich